Below is the link to setup your account.

  • There is a system that we use and you will get a registration link to complete and setup your own portal. Once you create your portal you will be able to check availability and book future bookings.
  • A 50% deposit on all bookings is required and this will be done through the system as well. You also have the option to upload a cute picture of each pet and able to upload vaccination records and input any info you feel like putting in your pets file that will help with their boarding experience! Our system will also send automatic reminders 30 days before your pets vaccinations expire so you have time to get them done! 



  • If you cancel your booking within 48hrs of drop off we do charge a $20 fee. We do this because we are very busy and sometimes we have a waiting list and so we had to impliment this to prevent last minute cancellations. In some cases we will wave the fee depending on your situation but it will be a one time only situation. 



  • Latest pick up and drop off time is 6:30pm during the week and 4pm on Saturday/Sunday. Earliest for drop off and pick up is 9am during the week and 10am Saturday/Sunday 


  • There are people that live on site so we do ask you to please respect our hours of operation and do not show up without accordinating pick up or drop off with our staff first.  If you do arrive early please STAY in your vehicle until our staff arrives to meet you. If there is not a vehicle in front of our building that means nobody is on site at that moment so please do not enter our facility if we are not there. 



BEDDING - Please feel free to bring any bedding from home as we want them to sleep with what they are used to at home. Please keep in mind that it may get chewed up and if you feel like your pet might do that you can also bring their favorite blanket!


OWNER SHIRT - We also recomend you to bring a old Tshirt with your scent on it for them to lay with to go to bed! It helps SO much for their boarding experience to be even better!  


BOWLS & DISHES - Please do not bring dishes from home as it is easier for us to santize our dishes!


FOOD & MEDICATIONS - Please label your food bags along with detailed instructions on our boarding form. We do offer refrigeration as well. Medications will be adminstered with a fee of $2 a day and is a flat rate regardless of how many medications are needed to administer. You have the option to use out food at no cost, we just ask that you still put feeding instructions on form if you are using our food.

  • You are welcome to pack any treats and we also do sell treats that you can purchase during their boarding. We try to always have chew treats on stock such as pigs ear, femur bone, rawhide free treats for the pets that enjoy them and it also does help with any sort of anxiety

FLEA & TICK - We will treat for fleas immediatly upon any dog showing signs of having fleas or ticks. As the pet owner, you will be held respinsible for cost of flea bath which is $30.



  • 1 Dog - $23.00
  • 2 Dogs - $30.00 *$15 per dog
  • Additional Dog - $20.00 per dog 



  • Distemper
  • Bordetella *also known as kennel cough
  • Rabies

All of these vaccinations must be current 48hrs prior to drop off.


We typicaly feed twice a day but will follow your schedule at home.

One on one time spent with your pet so make sure to pack their favorite toys.

They do get to interact with their neighbors outside their personal yard with a chain link fence dividing them. We do not let the dogs physically play with eachother

You will be reached out if there was any sort of concern or question about your pet.

Feel free to text or call us to check on your pet during operating hours and we will try to send pictures of your furry pet during their stay!

Take advantage of out grooming services while your pet is boarded.